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Cap Torque Tester-เครื่องทดสอบแรงบิดฝาขวด (1) Digital Torque Tester-เครื่องทดสอบแรงบิดแบบดิจิตอล (2) Torque Screwdriver-ไขควงวัดแรงบิด (2)
Torque Wrench-ประแจวัดแรงบิด (2)

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Price: 17,900.00 THB
Special: 17,005.00 THB
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Code : CD003
DIW-Series "CEDAR" Digital Torque Wrench with USB Output
The DIW is a torque measuring manual wrench designed for verifying application or removal torque of bolts. The wrench head swivels 300° and can be used in tight places. You'll get consistent readings no matter where or how the wrench is gripped because the torque sensor is centered on the drive and not up in the handle. Torque controlled wrenches can also be evaluated by comparative tests on a given fastener. Both breakaway and loosen tests can be performed. Rugged enough to be used in production. Wrench head swivels 300°

This tester has an accuracy of ±0.5%, ±1 LSD. It offers a programmable setpoint for uniform tightening or Go/No Go testing and also provides peak data for SPC (statistical process control) via the USB port.

Consistent readings no matter where the wrench is gripped because the torque sensor is centered on the drive.
Price: 52,000.00 THB
Special: 49,400.00 THB
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DTW-Series Digital Torque Wrench "Checkline"
The new Check-Line DTW Electronic Torque Wrenches are designed for simple and precise measurement of industrial, automotive, aerospace and many other applications. The DTW displays Real-Time and Peak torque on a large LCD display in ft-lb, in-lb or N-m, user selectable.

The DTW features a target set point that indicates a desired torque value with a bright LED and audible beep.
Price: 9,900.00 THB
Special: 9,405.00 THB
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Code : CD002
Torque Tester “CEDAR” Model CD-10M/CD-100M
upgrade The main changed parts
(1) In a display board, "measurement mode", a "measurement unit", "the maximum, the minimum, an average,
etc.", etc. display.
(2) Change of Measurement Unit Can be Performed N-m <=> kgf-cm <=>lbf-in Etc.
(3) Setup of Various Numerical Values Can be Easy and Can Carry Out Speedily.
(4) Calculation of Maximum, Minimum, and Average Became Intelligible.
(5) The call of the saved data became easy. The output of data also became intelligible.
(6) Fault charge protection. It is pilot-lamp lighting during charge.
(7) Data Output is USB Form (B Type).
(8) Memory Data are 800 Affairs
(9) Real-time Output is Every 1 / 180 Seconds.
Price: 40,000.00 THB
Special: 38,000.00 THB
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Code : SP005
Cap Torque Tester "Shimpo" Model TNP
The new TNP Cap torque tester is a precision instrument that measures OPEN and CLOSE torque values for various applications. As a cap torque analyzer, the TNP repeatedly determines bottle closure and breakaway torque. It has a wide memory capacity capable of storing 1,000 data points in addition to Average, Maximum and Minimum values. A HI-LO comparator feature can be utilized for a large batch testing to ensure overall product quality.

The TNP Cap torque tester is USB capable for computer testing. Combined with the free Digitorq Software, additional analysis and testing can be performed.

The TNP is a portable device powered with internal rechargeable batteries or through an AC Adpater/charger. Designed with a small footprint it can easily be transferred to maximize use around the shop floor or the laboratory.

The TNP includes free software to analyze your measurement data. The software is Windows 7 compatible and requires Microsoft Excel.
Price: 50,000.00 THB
Special: 47,500.00 THB
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Code : CD001
Digital Torque ScrewDriver
Digital torque driver DID-4
Various functions Display section one apparatus
(1) Unify the display section and a frame. It became stronger.
(2) Display Measurement Mode, Unit, Etc. on Display Section.
(3) Data Output is USB Form.
(4) Prepare each button in accordance with operation.
Button operation became simple
Price: 29,000.00 THB
Special: 25,375.00 THB
Quantity :

Code : HO001
Digital Torque Meter
Brand Name: HIOS
Model Number: HP-10/HP-100
HOT Sale! HIOS HP Series NEW Model Digital Display Electric Screwdriver Torque Meter
Price: 27,500.00 THB
Special: 26,125.00 THB
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