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>>Suitable for measuring metal (such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, etc.), plastics, ceramics, glass, fiber glass and any other good ultrasonic conductors.
>>Dual straight beam probes with different frequencies and crystal sizes are available.
>>Zero calibration, two-point calibration, automatic error correction system.
>>Known thickness, sound speed can be measured, in order to improve the measurement accuracy.
>>Coupling status indicator showing the coupling status.
>>EL backlight for easy use in dimly lit environments.
>>Remaining battery indicator can display the remaining power in real time.
>>Auto sleep and auto power off function to conserve battery life.
>>Small, portable, high reliability for harsh operating environment, anti-vibration, anti-shock and anti-electromagnetic interference.
Price: 19,500.00 THB
Special: 17,550.00 THB
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·Non-Contact Ground Resistance Measurement
·No Auxiliary Electrode Needed
·Jaw Diameter Φ 23 mm (5601)
·Jaw Diameter Φ 35 mm(5637)
·0.025 – 1500 Ohm
·0.2mA– 30A(5601)0.2mA– 35A(5637),True RMS
·116 Sets of Memory(5601,5637)
·Programmable Hi and Lo Alarm(5601,5637)
·Programmable Data Logging (5601,5637)
Price: 35,000.00 THB
Special: 33,250.00 THB
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The GE Protimeter Mini BLD2000 is used to measure the
moisture content of wood and the wood moisture equivalent
(WME) value of other non-conductive materials.
Price: 10,000.00 THB
Special: 9,000.00 THB
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>> The PAS-853B is a wide range ohmmeter designed specifically for ESD Plant Auditors who must make many measurements quickly while supporting ANSI/ESD S20.20 Program Standard and periodic verification requirements. The PAS-853B performs in accordance with standard resistance measurement practices outlined in ANSI/ESD 541 Packaging and meets all audit requirements of ESD TR53.
>> Variable & Constant test voltages
• <10 Volts Variable from 0.01 to 9.9x103 ohms
• 10 Volts ± <0.5V (±<5% Constant Voltage) from 1.0x104 to 9.99x105
• 100 Volts ± <5V (±<5% Constant Voltage) from 1.0x106 to 9.99x1012 ohms
>> Wide Resistance Measurement Range from 0.01 ohm to 9.99x1012 ohms
■ Nominal Full Range Tolerance Averages <±5%
■ Fully Automatic Resistance Range, Test Voltage and Electrification Period control
■ Automatic or Continuous Electrification Control
■ Rugged High Performance 80 inches (200cm) Test Leads
■ Powered by one long lasting 9V alkaline battery
■ Large, easy to read LCD Display
■ Meets requirements of ESD Association Standards for material and audit resistance
measurement requirements
■ Certificate of Calibration Traceable to NIST included
Price: 86,000.00 THB
Special: 81,700.00 THB
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>> FMX-004 <<
Electrostatic Fieldmeter
The FMX-004 fieldmeter is a compact electrostatic fieldmeter used for locating
and measuring static charges. Its pocket size and three-button operation makes it
convenient and easy to use.
•Lightweight, compact design
•Range light assures accurate and repeatable measurements
•Automatic range switching up to ±30 kV (30,000V)
•Digital and bar graph display with +/- indicators
•Automatic power off with inactivity
Price: 20,000.00 THB
Special: 18,000.00 THB
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เครื่องวัดความหนืด (Viscometer) แบบ Rotation เป็นเครื่องวัดหาค่าความหนืดแบบอนาล็อกของของเหลวแบบหมุน (Rotational Viscometer) สามารถใช้วัดค่าความหนืด ห้องปฏิบัติการต่าง โรงงาน ปิโตรเลียม เรซิ่น สีหมึก ครีม ยา อาหาร
Price: 25,000.00 THB
Special: 20,000.00 THB
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The Classic Flexible Stem Melt Pressure Transducer

Model PT462E has an 18" flexible stem between its rigid stem and the electronics housing to increase thermal isolation. It is the ideal choice for
applications requiring good repeatability, accuracy and economy, and is widely accepted by OEMs throughout the world.
Price: 46,000.00 THB
Special: 43,700.00 THB
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>> A precision measuring instrument <<
TETKOMAT is calibrated according to DIN 16611 and gives relatively measurement. The TETKOMAT is a precision instrument developed and made in Switzerland. It has proved itself in practice over many years.
>> Shock protection <<
The TETKOMAT comes equipped with a shock Absorber as a standard feature. This greatly reduces damages due to impact (as a result of dropping the instrument or incorrect use).
>> Measuring range <<
Fast means of checking fabric tension in either direction of weave. It completely eliminates the errors which inevitably arise when screens are tensioned by feel and checked by hand.
>> Operation <<
The TETKOMAT operates entirely mechanically. It needs neither batteries nor main power.
>>The TETKOMAT is very user-friendly <<
·A simple function control and quick adjustment procedure makes the device easy to work with and eliminates incorrect readings.
·The TETKOMAT make it possible to achieve absolutely consistent tension in each set of screen
·Each TETKOMAT provides a calibration certificate as same as following letlter.
Price: 29,000.00 THB
Special: 20,300.00 THB
Quantity :

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■ Measures to 0.01 mil (0.1 µm), automatically rounding off
to the nearest 0.1 mil (1 µm).
■ Keypad-selectable English or metric units.
■ Continuous reading update detects soft coatings as probe
tip “sinks” into them.
■ Calibration to NIST standards is available upon request.
■ Remote probe permits easy access to hard-to-reach places.
Price: 26,000.00 THB
Special: 22,100.00 THB
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Originally designed to measure the tension on telephone wires, the Dynamometer has proven to have limitless versatility as a tension and weight measuring instrument. It is used for such diverse jobs as suspended weighing; mounting cables for bridges; adjusting tension on guy wires; field testing chain, rope, wire—anything requiring precision force or tension measurement.
Price: 58,000.00 THB
Special: 49,300.00 THB
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